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    OZONE WASTEWATER TREATMENTOZONE IN WASTEWATER TREATMENT AND DISINFECTIONOzone is used effectively in the processing of water laden with concentrations ofindustrial byproducts.Pesticides, organics,BOD and COD are alltreated thoroughly and effectively throughozone oxidation.Due to the degree of variation in contaminant makeup and loading, waste watertreatment equipment is usually specified after scaled down pilottesting has beenperformed to determine required ozone dosages.Reduction in processing costs, as well as reduction or elimination of penalties imposeddue to disposal of contaminated water are some ofthe benefits. Further benefits includeuse of a clean, environmentally friendly technology that is as effective and economicalas less friendly technologies.
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Is Ozonated water safe Yes, oxidation is a natural process and eliminates the need for chemicals. Ozone water treatment has been used around the world for many years, with major beverage companies relying heavily on the technology.
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Advantages of Ozone in Wastewater Disinfection The ozonation of wastewater effluents has several other advantages such as an increase in dissolved oxygen, decrease in chemical oxygen demand, and improvement in aesthetic characteristics due to reduction in turbidity and color. Chlorination and UV radiation do not provide these benefits. In addition, due to Scaler India Enterprises significant advances in the ozone
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Ozonation Ozone is one of the most powerful water treatment compounds available to systems managers today. It is a technology that has been in continual commercial use for over 100 years and has distinct properties that allow disinfection of even heavily compromised water streams.With the 1996 reauthorization of the Safe Drinking Water Act, Ozone was named as among Abest available technology@ (BAT) for small system compliance to National Primary Drinking water Regulations as overseen by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Ozone has a greater disinfection effectiveness against bacteria and viruses compared to chlorination. In addition, the oxidizing properties can also reduce the concentration of iron, manganese, sulfur and reduce or eliminate taste and odor problems. Ozone oxides the iron, manganese, and sulfur in the water to form insoluble metal oxides or elemental sulfur. These insoluble particles are then removed by post-filtration. Organic particles and chemicals will be eliminated through either coagulation or chemical oxidation. Ozone is unstable, and it will degrade over a time frame ranging from a few seconds to 30 minutes.
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Our company, Scaler India Enterprises, is a leading name, specializing in meeting customers OZONE Generator requirements. Our company has a talent for manufacturing the most reliable collection of OZONE Generator. Each offered variety is customized as per the exact demand of client. The OZONE Generator, STP Ozone Generator, Domestic Ozone Generator, Swimming Pool Ozone Generator, Air Cooled Ozone Generator, ETP Ozone Generator etc., offered under our name are perfect for both small & large scale businesses. The offered range is effective against mold and bacterial contamination in varied types of storage as well as food production facilities. Further, many hospitals, offices, schools, laboratories and other spaces also rely on our safe & environmentally friendly assortment. 

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